9 things Facebook Page owners should really know.

As you are probably already finding, having a Facebook page is like having a website, although its much more fun! Knowing how to attract followers is one thing, engaging them in conversation is another, building links and SEO is sometimes just too much!

However, I recently read an article by Justin Smith which was very detailed but really valuable in understanding some basics on Facebook Pages and improving your Google SEO and ranking for both your Facebook Page and your Website.

I’d like to share just some of that article with you so I have condensed it down to a more chewable blog!  Most of the information is taken from Facebook’s own Marketing Bible, which anyone can purchase at a cost of around $US90 per month.

So, here’s  9 ways to do just some of that:

1. Choose the best name for your Page and don’t change it.

Facebook’s intention for Pages is that they authentically represent businesses, brands, or celebrities.  (Facebook has recently disabled updates for generically named Pages – effectively stopping their ability to reach their Facebook fans.) Use your business’s real name as the name of your page. And once you pick your Page’s name, don’t change it. Facebook uses your Page name in the title of the Page, and since Google ignores pages when their titles change, modifying your Facebook Page’s name will cost you SEO points.

2. Select the best URL (Facebook username) for your Facebook Page. (Vanity URL)

Facebook recently launched the ability to choose a vanity URL (Facebook calls it a “username”) for your Facebook Page, one of the most important SEO opportunities on Facebook to date. When you choose a Facebook username for your Page, your Page’s URL becomes http://www.facebook.com/YourUsernameHere.  Businesses should consider keywords for SEO purposes when doing this; again a word of caution: Facebook intends for Pages to authentically represent the identities of businesses, and brands and has revoked privileges from Pages with generic titles in the past and you can only make this change to a Vanity URL once.

3. Use the “About” text box to place keywords near the top of your Page

One important SEO strategy that you should consider whenever feasible is to place keywords as close to the top of the Page as possible. Use the “About” box to describe your business, this then represents the highest place in the structure of the page to add custom text.

To add text to your Page’s “About” box, click the “Write something about [YourPage]” in the box underneath your Page’s logo. You’ll then be able to enter text in the input box – there is a 250 character limit, so choose your words wisely.

4. Use the “Info” tab to include more important keywords, text, and high priority links on your Page

Facebook creates an “Info” tab for every Facebook Page. It’s important to fill out these fields, because they provide the opportunity to include keywords and links that will increase the SEO of your Facebook Page for many types of Google searches. For example:

  • Address, City, State, and Post Code are important fields for local searches
  • Company Overview, Mission, and Products are important fields for product searches
  • Websites is a valuable opportunity to add direct links to your own websites or other relevant sites in your space

5. Post direct links to your website (or other relevant sites) in your Page’s updates

Status updates offer a powerful way to place direct links near the top of your Page. Because Google boosts pages that link to relevant sites, posting links in status updates can be a powerful way to boost your Facebook Page’s link score.

There are two ways to post links into your Page’s stream:

  1. Including the URL in the text of the status update itself
  2. Using the “attach link” feature in the Facebook publisher

6.  Add photos with captions, Events with descriptions, and a Discussion forum

It goes without saying, but it’s important to always share interesting content on your Facebook Page. When posting photos, use great keyword descriptions. When posting events, take the extra minute to include text and keywords in the event description field that you want to rank for. Add a discussion forum to your Page.

Facebook makes all of the content shared on Facebook Pages indexable by search engines, so use the tools Facebook provides to your full advantage.

7. Get more inbound links to your Facebook Page from the web by adding links to your Page on all your websites

Just as a variety of inbound links from authoritative websites help boost PageRank for traditional websites, getting more inbound links to your Facebook Page will boost its PageRank as well. You can do this with text links, but Facebook has also created a “Find Us On Facebook” badge which it encourages Page owners to use. Ask your web administrator to add this for you.

Facebook has created promotional guidelines for promoting your Facebook Page that are worth a read. Basically, Facebook doesn’t want Page owners to claim you have officially partnered with Facebook by virtue of having a Facebook Page. However, Facebook does want as many links as possible pointing to Facebook.com :)

8. Get more inbound links by getting more Facebook fans

The more fans you get, the more links you’ll have to your Page within Facebook. For Pages with thousands (or even millions) of fans, the number of links can really add up.

9.  Strengthen Facebook linking by getting fans to comment and ‘like’ content in your Newsfeed (stream)

When fans comment or like content in your Facebook Page’s stream, Facebook links their name back to their Facebook profile page. As a result, Google will see more reciprocal links between your Page and your Page’s fans which it views favourably to increase your SEO and ranking.

If you have any questions regarding any of these suggestions please feel free to contact me via my Page or email me 🙂

Happy Facebooking!



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